Welcome to Wagware

Hi, my name is Vicky Pearson, my company; Wagware was created to cater for the needs of both pet and show dog owners.

Tired of searching for the ‘correct’ size of waterproof dog coats for our family’s dogs, both Golden Retrievers and Shetland Sheepdogs, and being confronted by the small, medium and large sizes offered by some retailers, I decided to make my own!

Having a 1st class honours degree in Textile and Surface Pattern, obviously helped, putting into good use my years of study in this field. With our own dogs as ‘wriggly’ mannequins, I was able to construct the perfect custom shaped garments for them, using the latest professional equipment available.

Nala & Garcia, my own dog's have helped me to develop and test my coat designs thoroughly. They also Like to helps in the workshop, fetching and stealing anything they can get hold of.

I can at present offer a variety of dog coats and other associated products. Our dog coats can be customised to your own size, colour and shape, with embroidery of names.